Festival of Raviolo pasta

Raviolo Festival

A gastronomic festival that is repeated every year in summer since 1971. Everything was born with the aim of opening the country outside and thus make known the gastronomic specialties traditionally prepared by the women of the place. Today the festival is a consolidated event, which attracts gourmets from the surrounding areas and beyond, counting every year thousands of visitors.

The main reason for the success of this event is the participation of the inhabitants who are able to express this week the best of their culinary traditions, transferring in the food stands the same accuracy and the same knowledge of taste and variety of flavors of domestic canteens.

The festival is dedicated to ravioli, prepared strictly by hand. The “Vero Raviolo” of Contignano is served with meat sauce or with butter and sage. But this is just one of the specialties that make the menu of the festival unique. Those who stop to eat will also find bruschetta, three types of cacio and pears, grilled meat, tripe, baked pork knuckle, beans in the bird with sausage and fried fish.